Marebella on the cliffs of De Kelders White sand beach - without the crowds. Photo by Daniel Capol. blank background Photo by Dirk Radzinski
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blank background A very rare brindle baby Southern Right Whale blank background

Whale watching from
your room, private terrace or De Kelders cliff path.
The whales are so close you think they are going to bump against the rocks.

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blank background These majestic creatures are often inquisitive and approach the boat - who is watching who? blank background Inside Klipgat cave blank background Photo by Dirk Radzinski
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Whale watching boat trip in Walker Bay or to Dyer Island where you can encounter whales, penguins, seals and marine bird life.
Visit Klipgat Cave where archaeological excavations have revealed evidence of domestic stock-keeping, pottery, bone tools and ornaments left by Khoisan inhabitants 2000 years ago as well as deposits of Middle Stone Age people dating back 70 000 years.

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blank background Relax on the beach blank background Collecting shells blank background Photo by Dirk Radzinski
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blank background Shark Cage Diving with Great Whites at Shark Alley near Gansbaai blank background

Feel like Robinson Crusoe on the stretch of endless unspoilt sandy beach called 'Die Plaat'.

Great White Shark cage diving in Gansbaai ...

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Things to do in the our area:

Land based whale watching: The whale watching in De Kelders is unsurpassed in this breathtakingly beautiful environment.
These Southern Right Whales spend the summer months feeding around Antarctica and then migrate thousands of kilometres to the sheltered bays of South Africa to mate and calve. They can be seen along the De Kelders coast from September to November.

More about Southern Right Whales, including our own photographs and video as well as interesting facts about their behaviour can be found here.

Ivanhoe booking for Marebella

Book online directly with Ivanhoe Sea Safaris

Boat based whale watching: There are two licenced operators in our area:>

Ivanhoe Sea Safaris: "A 2-hour boat-trip from Gansbaai harbour to view Southern Right Whales in Walker Bay. Dolphins, Humpback whales, Cape fur seals, Bryde whales, African penguins and many of our coastal marine birds may also be seen."

Dyer Island Cruises: "We can guarantee Southern Right Whale sightings between July and December. After spending time with the whales, we make our way to Dyer Island. During this stretch we occasionally bump into some Humpback whales, who prefer the deeper water. We also spot Giant petrels and Cape gannets. At Dyer Island we can approach close enough to view African penguins, Cape cormorants and many other bird species. Quite possibly the only place in the world where one can see a mighty whale and a great white shark on the same boat trip."

Both operators are highly professional and it really is an incredible experience to see the whales so close-up. We suggest that we book your seats on your behalf close to the time of your visit once we know the weather conditions. This way you can choose the best available day. We would be very happy to arrange this for you. Booking through us gives you the flexibility to choose the best day to do the trip. You simply pay the operator directly before your departure. Email us to arrange a booking with Dyer Island Cruises

Duiwelsgat hiking trail: Walk with the whales on the Duiwelsgat hiking trail along the meandering Walker Bay cliff path.
7km from Gansbaai to "Die Plaat" beach in De Kelders. This scenic trail links several historic sites along the coast of Gansbaai. From Gansbaai the trail goes along the coast through Stanfords Cove, a protected swimming beach. Further along the coast past the De Kelders "Drup Kelder Cave", a cave containing stalactites and stalagmites and crystal clear pools of fresh water ideal for swimming and was reported to have been visited by Lady Anne Barnard in 1798. Then you will pass Die Stal (The Stable) where horses from the Birkenhead wreck came ashore in 1852. A short way on is Duiwelsgat (Devils hole), the deep hole in the rocks with a view into the cave below. The trail ends at Klipgat Cave that was inhabited by Stone Age humans 70.000 years ago. The main attraction of this trail, apart from the many caves and natural beauty, is the superb
whale watching all along the route between June and December.

Klipgat Cave, at De Kelders was home to humans some 70.000 years ago and is an important archaeological site of world importance, which experts believe would qualify as a World Heritage Site. Find out more about Klipgat Cave by clicking here.

Danger Point LighthouseDanger Point Light House: The most visited light house in South Africa and scene of the famous sinking of the HMS Birkenhead in 1852. In 1895 the Danger Point Lighthouse was erected to warn passing ships of the dangers lurking near the coasts. The lighthouse is 18,3 m tall and its light can be seen for apporximately 25 sea miles (three flashes every 40 seconds). At the base of the lighthouse is a remembrance plate for the HMS Birkenhead and it points to where the ship met its doom.

In February 1852 the HMS Birkenhead was en route from Simons Bay near Cape Town towards Algoa Bay carrying about 634 men, woman and children. Early in the morning she struck an uncharted rock near Danger Point. All the women and children were placed on lifeboats and rowed away to safety, while the ship sank around them, the soldiers waited on deck. The heroic actions of the soldiers became known as the "Birkenhead Drill" and this tragic event was also the origin for the term "women and children first". Click here for more about the Birkenhead.

Guided 4x4 excursion into the surrounding mountains to experience our abundant indigenous fynbos.

Ideally situated to visit Cape Agulhas, the southern most tip of Africa, where the Indian and Atlantic Oceans meet.

Elim is a village on the route to Cape Agulhas. It was established in 1824 by German missionaries as a Moravian mission station. As well as preaching the Gospel, the missionaries taught the villagers a variety of trades and skills. Elim's thatchers continue to be renowned for their craftsmanship. The village is picturesque and has changed little over the years. It is filled with whitewashed cottages, fruit trees and fynbos. All the roads in the village lead to the thatch roofed church. There is an old watermill that was built in 1833 and restored in 1990. It has the largest wooden water wheel in South Africa. This charming village has been declared a National Monument and even today only members of the Moravian Church live there.

The Birkenhead Brewery is worth a visit. As the first brewing estate in the southern hemisphere, this microbrewery is near Stanford in the shadow of the Kleinriver mountains. They offer tours of the brewery and estate, freshly brewed draught beer at the Birkenhead pub and delicious meals in their restaurant.

Scuba Diving PADI Courses, marine biology lectures and guided boat and shore dives.

We are close to several excellent golf courses:
The Kleinbaai 9 hole golf course, the Hermanus Golf Club and the Arabella Golf Club.

Bring your tennis racquet, a game can always be arranged with Gerhard who is a tennis fanatic.